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Monday, June 20, 2011

Telling the world

Today was pretty good! Decent night sleep (somewhat of a rarity for me), made it to the gym before 7am, volunteered at VBS, and got my hair did! Surprising, denying myself was not a struggle today, practically speaking I was probably just too busy to recognize the temptations but I'll count it as a success!

What I did have trouble doing was keeping my mouth shut! I found myself telling several people about my journey - not the blog - just the journey. I was asked to attend a meeting which would have lead to me committing to something I've got no business committing too, however, without a second thought, I went into an extensive (likely too extensive) explanation on how I am disciplining myself. I repeated this same conversation with my new hair stylist over a three hour appointment (not that I have enough hair for a 3 hr appt but that's how long it took). I'm starting to understand the saying "The truth will set you free"

No sugar, no shopping, no list, no guilt, and no darn 6 pack! So the score thus far is 1 for me & 0 for flakiness!

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  1. keep up the good work. I just might join some point