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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Here goes everything!

So...If you're reading this then I wrote it, and if I wrote it then I've gotta see it through! That is the whole purpose of this blog you see - to keep me accountable. I'm using my greatest sin of Pride as my greatest ally (no, I'm bragging about being Prideful, just being honest). The whole idea of 30 Days came about when I challenged myself to drop sugar for 30 days to see how flat my tummy could be (yes, pride again), however, the more I thought about it the more God showed me that a flat tummy was the least of my troubles. He started to show me (ok, remind me) of all the other areas in my life where I have not disciplined myself - finances, commitments, projects, daily quiet time, and many others in-between. So here I am...sharing with you my 30 Days of Self-Denial.

I'm a full-time mom and wife to an amazing husband (one who is so disciplined that I get nervous when he plans something). I kept an impeccably clean house, have raised three well-mannered children, and host great parties (none of which is scientifically proven). However, in spite of all these wonderful Stepford wives qualities, I am quite undisciplined! A wreck lose some might say! Don't look at my checkbook register because I don't keep one; open the armoire (in my bedroom of course, all other cabinets in my house are well organized) and you're liable to have something fall on you; my night-stand is full of half-read books and daily devotionals; and Goodwill is filled with DIY items which I donated after deciding that I just did not want to DIM (do it myself). Don't get me wrong, I'm not a major flake, I'm a faithful wife; devoted mom; and life-long friend. However, when it comes to smaller things, things that I've decided "don't really hurt or involve other people" I pretty much drop the ball (to be honest, I purposely throw the ball out the door) usually claiming that "it was a waste of my valuable time" (an easy claim to make as a mom). You see, I like the thrill of the plan! The idea of what could be is simply more interesting to me than the actual accomplishment. I am a short-term task master!

I'm guessing that taking this journey with me will be funny, awkward, intriguing, comforting, and everything in between. There will be some TMI moments (for which I apologize now), Biblical scriptures (for which I do not apologize), some pictures (of me going sugar withdrawal - I'm hoping these will bring in high ratings like that stupid show Intervention), and who knows what else. My hope is that by July 20th I'll be more disciplined, wiser, happier, grateful, and of course, slimmer (hey, I've gotta have some tangible result if I'm going to give up ice cream).

Read what you want and comment where you will. Just don't invite me out for desert!

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  1. very cool! I would join you but I ate sugar today! and I think I am eating sugar tomorrow!